The best Side of scientology beliefs documentary

Certainly, the trouble is they wait around till you might be hooked, then intentionally provoke dischord wiht your beliefs and so with your family, and so forth… They explicity assure NOT to do Accurately what they do..

No other religion helps make you spend decades and countless A large number of bucks to see what their true doctrine is. No other religion forbids ANY Call with shunned users, or puts 1’s own membership, and connections with a person’s personal family, at risk for obtaining any Get hold of with disaffected family associates.

When Scientologists get to level OT III, they are demonstrated the "solution materials," as director and previous member Paul Haggis described them: Hubbard's hand-penned account on the creation fantasy. Based on this, 75 million a long time back a galactic dictator named Xenu froze individuals and dropped their bodies into volcanoes.

Ortega attained the latest tax data that exposed the main 3 tiers with the Church (and that is a non-revenue Group) have a mixed book value of $one.five billion.

But all of this is simply the precursor into the bombs which might be dropped by Hubbard to the OT levels. This is when the REAL revelation about how other religions need to be viewed is laid down since the legislation of scientology. The key material of OT III go away no doubt.

Wow! Plainly no-just one is examining for or mentioning scientology beliefs cancer god today. What a disgrace. I’m astonished that people don’t receive a bible or go to bible lessons to further improve by themselves, Primarily as quite a few were lifted from the church, what was they carrying out there all Individuals decades if they didn’t realise when occasions were really hard they could switch to god.

So she spends Significantly time trying to acquire down Ron critics but experienced zero impression of Ron’s devious and evil instructions to wipe out critics.

Weekly later, Hubbard wrote A further policy letter that is the SECOND reference researched on EVERY study course in scientology. He explained the idea of “squirreling” and even more bolstered the thought of “Scientology or nothing at all.”

Brian, you declare I mentioned the following. “A single poster My Two Cents, a far more reasonable man, reported that Ron was so higher than his physique and enlightened (paraphrase) and concluded with scientology beliefs drugs his operate that he was being benevolent and wanting to free House aliens form his body.”

“Ahead of my knowledge of Scientology and the many tools and technological innovation it can make obtainable, I was extremely active, likely all over the place in a snail’s speed. I had been participating in cover-and-find with myself, an incredibly aggravating sport. But that game is in excess of along with the annoyance that accompanied it can be handled.

L Ron died of the stroke, not suicide. He did have psych drugs in his system when he died, which can be ironically in opposition to church policy.

When someone enrolls, think about he or she has joined up to the length in the universe—never allow an “open-minded” strategy. If they’re gonna Stop allow them to Give up rapidly.

As far as destroying persons, I’d say Scientology is tame as compared to the major religions from the world. No less than, I am able to’t scientology beliefs do they believe in god remember any wars fought during the title of Scientology.

We have been heading in our society, within our culture in our world to a far more inclusive, tolerant and accepting character.

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